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  • From the Seller Info section: "Remember, prospective buyers will be 'comparison shopping' and keenly aware of subtle differences in houses for sale in the area. Be sure to tell your listing broker why yours is special - from any home remodeling to afternoon winter sunshine."

  • From the Buyer Info section: "The obvious source of money for your down payment is either your savings or the proceeds from the sale of a home you already own, but there are some other not so obvious sources. In recent years, for example, 'parent power' has taken some new twists for first-time buyers."

  • From the Marketing Plan section: "If your agent is not a good negotiator, not only will you not get the best deal, often your house won't get sold at all. We take pride in this aspect of our business experience."

  • From the Home Inspectors section: "Even if the home inspection is to be for informational purposes only, it is your duty to get a solid general knowledge about the property you are about to purchase. To date, the state of Maryland does not require a formal home inspection. The more you know the better."

  • From the General Contractors section:
    "Always make sure their license is active and in good standing. Make sure that the contractor you hire is fully qualified to do the job and not working under someone else's license as an apprentice or subcontractor."




As a Relocation Agent for the Long & Foster Real Estate Team, I offer a unique dynamic to anyone interested in relocating to Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County, and Prince Georges County Maryland. As a native Marylander, I can provide the most up-to-date information on these areas, in addition to current homes available on the market. Your move to the area should be a smooth transition.

If you are relocating to the Maryland area and want to see what the state has to offer, let us show you around. Call me for details.

If you are interested in obtaining our FREE Relocation Package containing pertinent information about the Maryland area, please email me your mailing address and daytime phone number. Your package will go out in the mail within 24 hours.

Please note, the information you provide will not be sold or shared for any reason. However, we reserve the right to contact you directly regarding relocation to Maryland.

The Relocation Package contains the Welcome to Maryland relocation booklet, which contains helpful information including important local telephone numbers, info on shopping, the Department of Motor Vehicles, mass transit, hotel and restaurants, kennels, boating facilities, and much more.

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