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  • From the Seller Info section: "Remember, prospective buyers will be 'comparison shopping' and keenly aware of subtle differences in houses for sale in the area. Be sure to tell your listing broker why yours is special - from any home remodeling to afternoon winter sunshine."

  • From the Buyer Info section: "The obvious source of money for your down payment is either your savings or the proceeds from the sale of a home you already own, but there are some other not so obvious sources. In recent years, for example, 'parent power' has taken some new twists for first-time buyers."

  • From the Home Inspectors section: "Even if the home inspection is to be for informational purposes only, it is your duty to get a solid general knowledge about the property you are about to purchase. To date, the state of Maryland does not require a formal home inspection. The more you know the better."

  • From the General Contractors section:
    "Always make sure their license is active and in good standing. Make sure that the contractor you hire is fully qualified to do the job and not working under someone else's license as an apprentice or subcontractor."




You've decided to sell your home. We'll create a personalized marketing plan to get the price you want - when you want it.

It is our policy to pre-approve all potential buyers, so there is an approval letter in place from the lender before we begin negotiating the best possible contract on your property. I have closed millions of dollars in transactions and have years of experience with the follow through to close deals.


Long & Foster Real Estate is the most innovative and creative Real Estate company in this entire region. Long before web sites became the norm, founder Wes Foster and his team were probing the commerce frontiers of the internet through their self-designed site, structuring creative financing through their association with Prosperity Mortgage, and providing protection solutions and smooth settlements with Fountain Head Title Company. Today, Long & Foster possesses all the resources any Agent could need in order to provide full service marketing for his or her clients. These resources include a professional graphics division, and full color advertising in newspapers and homes magazines. Long & Foster Real Estate Inc. is a fixture on local television. The Long & Foster databank of new homes, newly-built homes, and commercial properties is second to none.

A visit to the site will connect the home seeker to the entire world of real estate commerce from coast to coast. You can plug into our Local Property inventory, into the entire five-state Multiple Listing System, or into the National Inventory via a variety of national web site links. Thousands of home seekers come looking at the site daily, twenty-four hours a day, to find their home of choice. This means buyers, buyers, buyers, all looking at your for-sale house - IF you are posted on our web site!


My membership in MRIS provides access to listed homes within the five state region, via the Internet and ZonaTeal.com. In addition, Internet postings are made on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and on websites such as LongAndFoster.com and WashingtonPost.com, and other direct links are provided when friendly co-op agents share their listings prior to placing them in the national/international market place.

Immediate yard signage providing details and directs potential buyers to hotline and Web site features.

Instant online access to your home through fully interactive, zoom and pan 360 virtual property tours. Multiple room and exterior tours of your home are posted for your listing on our web site.

Immediate outreach via email to our personal network of over 1000 realtors who are presently working with potential buyers.

Direct mail outreach to the area rental community and previous clients, detailing property and innovative financing programs.

Advertisement in local print and online magazines and newspapers.

Immediate feature in the classified section of the Woodlawn Villager, The Sunday Sun, The Capital, The Washington Post, and The Bowie Gazette newspapers, in Homes Magazine, in Chesapeake Home Life Magazine, and last but not least, the Penny Saver.

Instant access to feedback 24 hours a day. Keep track of every action happening at your home through Centralized Showing Service - everything from your personal marketing plan and the number of showings, to scheduled inspections and agent feedback.



Negotiating the Best Possible Contract - This is where the rubber meets the road. It doesn't matter how good the marketing program is, or how many offers you get. If your agent is not a good negotiator, not only will you not get the best deal, often your house won't get sold at all. We take pride in this aspect of our business experience.

Following-Through After an Accepted Contract - This is another very important part of the real estate transaction. There are literally dozens of things that can cause a real estate transaction to fall apart. If the agent is not experienced and hasn't closed hundreds of transactions, and doesn't possess hands-on experience in this area, this could cause an unhappy fall-through at the last minute.

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